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Fun Restock: 2021, LET’S GO OUT WITH A BANG!

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General Information 

Shipping is a flat rate of $8.75! We do combine orders going to the same name and address. Search the site and browse each listing for complete product availability and details prior to open for the easiest shopping experience when we launch! Pricing will be posted and ready for viewing well in advance. 

Best advice I can give is to hop on right at opening and grab your must have items first. We combine shipping so go back in as you please. We have tripled the amount of product available and this is sure to be a sweet restock! 

This will be a fast paced sale at initial opening, but you can add items through the night of the sale but I will close off the combine mode the following morning to get orders packed and shipped out immediately. 




Inspired by The Classic 1983 Movie: A Christmas Story (4 items, purchased individually):

  1. Fra-gee-lay Avocado Body Creme (VS Lovespell type blended with Lemon Drops. Love Spell is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women rounded out by the sweet sugary lemon scent that adds the perfect amount of kick | 8 oz)
  2. Pink Nightmare Miracle Budder (Serendipity accompanied by a little cup of Cherry Champagne Toast by BBW; all the creamy vanilla, sugared cherries, coconuts, and extra delight | 8 oz) 
  3. OH FUDGE! Miracle Budder (This blend has LAYERS to it. Ensure your spot on Santa’s delivery schedule with this delightful version of milk and cookies, bursting with notes of oatmeal, vanilla, butter, and cream, and just enough cinnamon to get you on the “nice” list. The cinnamon is very very mild, almost non-existent but just the right amount of extra greatness this blend needs. This has been my go-to item since I made it. Don’t miss this one | 8 oz) 
  4. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid! Avocado Body Creme (Dole Whip & BBW DUPE COMBO - A BBW Dupe of Sweet Nectarine, Strawberry, Lemon, Melon, and a little Mint, accompanied by the big D’s famous “Dole Whip”, a delicious blend of tart, fresh pineapple with undertones of creamy soft serve vanilla ice cream | 8 oz)

Holiday Inspired:  

  • Lil Deb Cakes Inspired Miracle Budder (You either love them or hate them, you can either find them or you can’t, but either way you probably have seen them everywhere right now. Those Lil Deb Tree Cakes. This blend has notes of Vanilla Buttercream and hints of Strawberry Shortcake | 8 oz)
  • Hallmark & Chill Themed Avocado Body Creme (Cozy up with the perfect combination of mouthwatering cranberry, spiced pumpkins, and juicy apples. Perfect for the Season | 8 oz) 
  • OH SNAP! Gingerbread Miracle Budder (THEMED labels ONLY, this product is NOT Gingerbread scented. My favorite gingerbread picture is the one with the broken off leg and shocked face - I knew I was going to use this image, but I couldn’t nail a gingerbread scent down in a timely manner. SO HAVE WINTER INSTEAD! I did this scent a few years back and we called it Snow Daze. This fragrance oil combines orange, mango, grapefruit with cactus, fir balsam, pine and the clean crisp notes of eucalyptus accompanied by hints of cedar wood and amber | 8 oz) 

Goodbye 2021 Collection (purchased individually):

  1. Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022 Themed Miracle Budder (Welcome in the new year with this blend. Luxurious warm linens with sweet notes of orange blossom, cyclamen, and herbal tea. So clean, but so beautiful | 8 oz)
  2. New Years Resolution Themed Miracle Budder (Label has a cute little graphic that says “May all your troubles last as long as your New Years Resolution”. Rich patchouli and sandalwood blended with vetiver and mild citrus. This is a Lord of Misrule L*SH Dupe | 8 oz)

(For this drop, all the Holiday Themed  and NYE items will be in the same drop down product listing - I recommend to browse the site early to be familiar with listings for the easiest shopping experience)

Holiday Drop Listing: RTS Holiday Exclusive Themed Drop

New Additions NOT themed but with our original labels (these can be found under the original item listing, so Tangerine Sky is under the Avocado Body Creme etc): 

Miracle Budder:

    • Mama Unicorn (VS Bombshell Type and Mango Dragonfruit | 8 oz)

Avocado Body Creme:

  • NEW! Blue Sage & Lemon (An empowering blend of Lemon enhanced with notes of Earthy Sage. I get total Spa vibes from this scent | 8 oz)
  • NEW! Wedding Crashers (Chantilly lace enhanced by subtle Honeysuckle, Melon, Black Currant, and Sweet Violet. This is a super sexy and delicate blend that will be perfect for ALL seasons | 8 oz)
  • Waxy Taffy Collaboration Tangerine Sky (Ripe and luscious grapefruit, sweet tangerines, and juicy pineapple mingle with jasmine and apricot, with a creamy vanilla sandalwood finish | 8 oz)

Fresh Batch

    • Frost & Fire Menthol Muscle Rub (2 oz & 8 oz)

Gift Sets 15% OFF automatic discount:

Cosmic Creamery Ice Cream Gift Set:
- Mochi Ice Cream Whipped Soap 8 oz
- Spiked Mango Sorbet Miracle Budder 8 oz
- Spiked Rainbow Sherbet Roller Ball
These aren’t just plain Mango Sorbet or Rainbow Sherbet blends, these are my blends - think YUMMY and EXTRA!

Cosmic Duo Gift Sets (Miracle Budder & Roller Ball for a discount)

  • The Cake is a Lie (Almond Cake, Tahitian Vanilla, Powdered Sugar, Butter Rum & Whipped Sweet Butter)
  • Reindeer Candy (Sweet Pomegranate and Ripe Blackberries)
  • Violet Dreams (This perfect blend of rich Black Currant and sweet Violet is floral and flirty yet sophisticated, all at once
  • Winter Mojito (Cucumber Spearmint Mojito with Peach - SO DELICIOUS!) 

Still available in small quantities and one of my personal favorite items right now is the White Chocolate Body Creme:

  • NEW! White Chocolate Sandalwood (Sandalwood mellowed out with a delectable smooth White Chocolate Base | 2 oz)
  • NEW! The Pink Gift Box (Pink Jasmine, Amber, Sandalwood, Rose, White Chocolate, Coconut & soft hints of Citrus | 8 oz)

Other items available include: Miracle Budder (BEST SELLING ITEM), Bath Salts, Whipped Soaps, Yogurt Body Creme, Hybrid Budders, Cuticle Oil Pens, Roller Balls, Facial Items and MORE!

We thank you for supporting small businesses. I am grateful to you all and I look forward to what 2022 has in store for us all.