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Real-Time Updates

You can visit this page throughout the course of the wait for your order. This page will be updated consistently with "what's in progress" and "what's complete". 

Last updated: 10/22/19 @ 2:10 PM PST 


September 21st-28th Preorder:

* What's in Progress: 

- Daily Dose of Mango Butter Facial Moisturizer (1/2)

* Completed: 

- Vitamin C Serum

- Eucalyptus Spearmint Roller Balls

- Headache Be Gone Roller Balls


October Preorder:

* What's in progress:

- Designing and Printing Product Labels, Waiting for Supplies, Pre-Production Prep, Printing Invoices

* What needs to be made:

- Unscented Miracle Budder
- Death by a Unicorn Miracle Budder
- Donnie Darko Returns Miracle Budder
- Hoodrat Things Miracle Budder
- Ice Skating with Heidi Miracle Budder
- Mint To Be Miracle Budder
- They’re Heeere Miracle Budder
- Budder for a Purpose: Glitter Goddess
- Cactus Cooler Hybrid Budder
- 1.800.273.8255 Hybrid Budder
- After Party with Heidi Massage Oil
- Angels of the Silences Massage Oil
- Death by a Unicorn Massage Oil
- Hoodrat Things Massage Oil
- Janine’s Pink Cupcakes Massage Oil
- Mint To Be Massage Oil
- They’re Heeere Massage Oil
- 1.800.273.8255 Massage Oil
- Milk Bath
- Death by a Unicorn Whipped Soap
- Hoodrat Things Whipped Soap
- 1.800.273.8255 Whipped Soap
- Headache Be Gone Roller Balls
- Eucalyptus Spearmint Roller Balls
- Cheer Up Buttercup Gemstone Roller Balls
- Bloody Mary x3 Perfume Roller Balls
- Fell on Black Days Perfume Roller Balls
- Namastay in Bed Perfume Roller Balls
- Snowcone for a Unicorn Perfume Roller Balls
- Suicide Squad Goals Perfume Roller Balls
- Banana Fosters Lip Bomb
- Coconut Milk and Peaches Lip Bomb
- Kirin Lip Bomb
- Lemon Blueberry Spearmint Lip Bomb
- Mango Lassi Lip Bomb
- Mint To Be Lip Bomb
- Forbidden Lip Bomb

* What's complete: