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Real-Time Updates

You can visit this page throughout the course of the wait for your order. This page will be updated consistently with "what's in progress" and "what's complete". 

Last updated: 5/25/2020 @ 2:00 PM PST 


Unicorn Ashes & Massage Oil Preorder Updates

What’s in progress:

- Einhorn Massage Oil

- Snoozy Massage Oil 


What needs to be made:

  • 1.800.273.8255 Unicorn Ashes
  • Angels of the Silences Unicorn Ashes
  • Beetlejuice takes a Vacay! Unicorn Ashes
  • Edge of Seventeen Unicorn Ashes
  • Cosmic RefreshMINT Unicorn Ashes
  • Snoozy Unicorn Ashes


What’s comple

- Unscented Massage Oil

- Apparition in the Garden Massage Oil

- Kirin Massage Oil

- Edge of Seventeen Massage Oil 

- Cosmic RefreshMINT Massage Oil