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  • Whipped Soap
    $6.50 - $26.50

    *Presale Item* Cosmic Cleanse Favorite! A thick, dense whipped soap that lathers well and leaves y…

  • Lip Bomb (RTS)

    Keep those lips looking plump and luscious with our delicious sweet flavored lip bombs available in …

  • NEW! Cosmic Cloud Creme
    $7.00 - $27.00

    *Presale Item* NEW PRODUCT! Creamy and Dreamy Body Creme This is a silky smooth body Creme that i…

  • Hybrid Budders
    $7.50 - $27.50

    *Presale Item* Please read the information for the sale prior to purchase. Photo provided is just f…

  • Chocolate Mousse Creme
    $8.00 - $28.00

    *PRESALE ITEM* Chocolate Mousse Body Creme This product was first introduced in the Luxe Bag Preo…

  •  Luxurious Coconut Body Creme
    $8.00 - $28.00

    *PRESALE ITEM* Luxurious Coconut Based Body Creme scented in the perfect amount of TRUE Coconut&nbs…

  • Massage Oils
    $9.00 - $24.00

    *Presale Item* The ingredients in this massage oil are what I like to to refer to as, "Skin Food". …

  • Magnesium Body Creme
    $9.00 - $34.00

    *Presale Item* MAKERS PICK! Magnesium Body Creme! This is Heidi's new personal favorite produc…

12 of 21 Items