Order Updates

Presale Order Updates

You can visit this page throughout the course of the wait for your order. This page will be updated consistently with "what's in progress" and "what's complete" on all presale progress. Last updated: 1/23/2023


 January Presale

What's in Progress:  

  • Ordering supplies
  • Combining Orders
  • Designing and printing product labels

What needs to be made:

- Frost and Fire Menthol Muscle Rub
- Unscented Miracle Budder
- Angels of the Silences Miracle Budder
- A Minty Bit Stronger Miracle Budder
- Candy Floss Miracle Budder
- Cereal-ously?! Miracle Budder
- Kweens See Kweens Miracle Budder
- Murders Cup o’ Tea Miracle Budder
- Seven Nation Army Miracle Budder
- You’ll Float Too! Miracle Budder
- Unscented Hybrid
- Kweens See Kweens Hybrid
- Seven Nation Army Hybrid
- You’ll Float Too Hybrid
- Unscented Magnesium Body Creme
- Angels of the Silences Magnesium Body Creme
- Candy Floss Mag Creme
- Murders Cup o Tea Mag Creme
- You’ll Float Too Mag Creme
- Candy Floss Whipped Soap
- Cereal-ously?! Whipped Soap
- Seven Nation Army Whipped Soap
- You’ll Float Too Whipped Soap
- Unscented Lotion Bar
- Angels of the Silences Lotion Bar
- Kweens See Kweens Lotion Bar
- You’ll Float Too Lotion Bar
- Original Headache Be Gone
- Eucalyptus Spearmint Headache Be Gone
- Birthday Cake Lip Bomb
- Bubblegum Lip Bomb
- The Bees Honey Lip Bomb
- Coconut Lime Lip Bomb
- Cotton Candy Lip Bomb
- Watermelon Lip Bomb

What’s complete: