Date Night Blends


1-800-273-8255 - A beautiful blend of Rainwater, Aloe, Blue Agave, and a hint of Pink Sugar

Almond Milk & Sea Salt -  Lemon Flower, Sea Salt, and Almond Milk accompanied by soft notes of Jojoba, Coconut, Cherry Wood, and Melon Blossom

Ambrosia's Dream - Lavender x Tea & Cakes (Warm, rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake)

Angels Of The Silences - VS Vanilla Lace Type (Blend of Vanilla, Orchid with hints of amber and musk) and VS Lovespell Type (Blend of cherry blossom, muguet, red apple & Georgia peach with hints of tamarind and blondewood)

Apparition In The Garden - A hauntingly floral blend of lilies and roses (Lily Savon/Ghost Lush Dupe)

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds Bath and Body Works Type - Candied Whipped Vanilla, Marshmallow Meringue, White Magnolia, and Sandalwood 

Bum Bum Dupe/Type - Dupe of super-popular Bum Bum Cream scent: luscious salted caramel on a bed of pistachio and warm sunshine. It’s like a trip to Rio in a bottle

Candy Land - (Candy Floss x Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds |Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy Frosting, Candied Whipped Vanilla, Marshmallow Meringue, White Magnolia, Sandalwood, and even more Cotton Candy)

Elle Woods - Pink Sugared Marshmallows

Euphoric Majesty - Pomegranate, Peach, Plum, Honeysuckle, Rose, Black Orchid, Lotus Blossoms, Cashmere Woods, Patchouli, with very slight notes of Musk, Whipped Vanilla, and Amber

Flower Child - Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cotton Candy, and a secret scent to complete this sexy blend

French Vanilla Oak - (Creamy Vanilla and Warm Amber accompanied by Oak Moss and Sandalwood, anchored by Patchouli and Musk)

Gingham BBW Type - A fresh blend of bright florals & touch a sweet citrus, notes of sweet clementine, soft violet petals and blue freesia

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 (Strawberry Peach Champagne)

Hippie Go Lucky - Patchouli x Sandalwood x Bum Bum Type

Hoochie's Palace - Lavender, Pink Sugar & Peppermint


Morocco Orchids and Pink Amber Bath and Body Works Type - Lush Morocco orchid, sensual amber & succulent apricot capture the rich warmth of a lively marketplace and glittering desert. 

Murder's Cup of Tea - Earl Grey Tea (Bergamot zest & sweet herbal) x Tea & Cakes (Warm, rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake)

Ocean Eyes - Peach, Bergamot, Pineapple, Coconut, Fresh Sea Air, Tart Berries, Water Lily, and Gardenia.

Palm Trees & Ocean Breeze - Coconut, Bergamot, Fresh Air, Mandarin, Sand Jasmine, Bamboo Leaves, Tuberose, and Light Hints of Musk, Vanilla Bean & Cocoa Butter.

Pink Nightmare (Serendipity accompanied by a little cup of Cherry Champagne Toast by BBW; all the creamy vanilla, sugared cherries, coconuts, and extra delight)

The Pink Gift Box - (Pink Jasmine, Amber, Sandalwood, Rose, White Chocolate, Coconut & soft hints of Citrus)

Pink Sugar, Sandalwood & Vanilla - Invigorating scent of pink sugar rounded out with sandalwood and vanilla

Quarter After Midnight - Super seductive blend of Dark Cedarwood, Mulberry, Wild Berries, Moss, and Orange Peels

Red Bottom Shoes - Juicy Cherries, Wild Raspberries, Sweet Almonds, Creamy Vanilla, Warm Amber, Tonka Beans, Mimosa Flower, Rose Petals, Oak Moss, and Sandalwood

Seaside Daisy Blooms - Fresh Flowers, Green Grass, Creamy Coconut, Beach Air, and Warm Sand

Set Fire to the Rain - A sensual blend of pink sugar, shaving cream & a touch of leather 

Strawberry, Bourbon, and Vanilla Bath and Body Works Type

Summer of Love - Water Lily, Jasmine Petals, Rose, and Strawberry 

Two Doors Down - Strawberry, Berries, Lime, Raspberry, Violet, Jasmine, Lily, accompanied with light hints of Musk, Sandalwood, Cashmere Woods, and Vanilla

Wedding Crashers (Chantilly lace enhanced by subtle Honeysuckle, Melon, Black Currant, and Sweet Violet. This is a super sexy and delicate blend that will be perfect for ALL seasons)

White Cashmere (This blend is SEXY! Mild White Chocolate, balanced out by Smooth Creamy Sandalwood, with Pink Jasmine and Chantilly Lace to top it all off)

White Chocolate Sandalwood - (Sandalwood mellowed out with a delectable smooth White Chocolate Base) 

Waxy Taffy Collaboration Cherry Blossom Paradise -  Japanese cherry blossoms, fresh star fruit, frangipani, and water lily drenched in sun-kissed coconut and white musk.

Waxy Taffy Collaboration Satisfy My Soul - Palo Santo, sandalwood, marshmallow, and vanilla musk.