April 13th RTS Flash Sale Restock


April 13th RTS Overstock Flash Sale Information

All Information has been updated for this opening. Thank you so much for your interest, participation, and support of Cosmic Cleanse. 


Website Open Date & Time: Saturday, April 13th at 9:00 AM PT 

Time Zones: 9 AM PT | 11 AM CT | 12 PM ET

Turn Around Time (NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING): 7-10 business days.




Lip Bombs: $7

  • Strawberry Peeps Cake
  • Grape Peeps Cake
  • Cherry Vanilla Float
  • Spun Sugar Delight (Vanilla, Cotton Candy, Pear)
  • Edge of Seventeen (Cotton Candy and Salt Water Taffy)
  • Coconut Milk & Peaches


Miracle Budder:
- 2 oz Infused: $6.50 | 2 oz XX Infused: $11.50
- 8 oz Infused: $16.50 | 8 oz XX Infused: $26.50

  • Unscented 
  • Kweens See Kweens (Strawberry, Raspberry, Guava blended with Cotton Candy)
  • Mama Unicorn (Mango Dragonfruit blended with Bombshell VS Type)
  • Snoozy (Barrett Wax Crafts Collaboration & LIMITED AMOUNTS! Description: Sweet Lavender, Peppermint, and Toasted Vanilla Fluff)


Solid Lotion Bars:

  • 2 oz Infused: $16.50 | 2 oz XX Infused: $23.50
  • Unscented (No color, No Fragrance)


NEW PRODUCT! Cosmic Cloud Creme in Snowcone for a Unicorn

  • 2 oz Infused: $7 | 2 oz XX Infused: $12
  • 8 oz Infused: $17
  • Product Description: This is a silky smooth body Creme that is much different than the texture of our beloved Miracle Budder. It is lightly colored & has a unique texture that feels amazing on the skin! It absorbs effortlessly into the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy! I think this is my new favorite body Creme and I can’t wait to hear your feedback! 
  • Snowcone for a Unicorn (Blueberry Slushy, Cherry Slushy, and Fizzy Soda)


Massage Oil: 

    • 4 oz Infused: $14 | 4 oz XX Infused: $24
  • Unscented (No Fragrance - Top Seller)
  • Kweens See Kweens (Strawberry, Raspberry, Guava blended with Cotton Candy)
  • Snowcone for a Unicorn (Blueberry Slushy, Cherry Slushy, and Fizzy Soda)


Unicorn Ashes:

  • 8 oz Infused: $19 | 8 oz XX Infused: $28
  • 16 oz Infused: $31 | 16 oz XX Infused: $43

Scents available: 

  • Beetlejuice Takes a Magical Vacay!(Cherry Laffy Taffy Fizz blended with Whipped Pineapple Fluff aka Dole Whip) (Purple)
  • Bum Bum (Dupe of super-popular Bum Bum Cream scent: luscious salted caramel on a bed of pistachio and warm sunshine. It’s like a trip to Rio in a bottle) (Red)
  • Candy Land (Candy Floss - Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy & Even MORE Cotton Candy - blended with Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds - Candied Whipped Vanilla, Marshmallow Meringue, White Magnolia, and Sandalwood) (Pink)
  • NEW! Donut Care (Jelly Glazed Donuts Blended with Delectable Vanilla Buttercream)(Blue)
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint (a TOTAL stress relief scent - just like our Headache Be Gone Formula)(Blue)
  • Feelin Pretty Kiwi (Fresh juicy kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, ripe strawberries and sugar crystals piled on top of a cup of fresh squeezed lemonade)(Green)
  • Hoochie’s Palace (Lavender, Peppermint & Pink Sugar)(Deep Purple)
  • Okie Bound (The Great Escape - This scent will have you placed on vacation and walking into your room at a luxury beach resort. Clean, fresh, a bit floral and with the lovely sea air all around. With top notes of ozone and fresh linen, this fresh fragrance is rounded out by sea salt, freesia, green moss and eucalyptus - blended with Fresh Rain)(Blue)


Milk Bath:
* 4 oz Infused: $12 | 4 oz XX Infused: $17
* 8 oz Infused: $22 | 8 oz XX Infused: $30
- Unscented (No color and no scent | Can be used as a shower gel or bubble bath)



Important Sale Information

* Shipping is a flat rate of $8.50

* We reserve the right to ship using the most cost effective method. Packages will be shipped either using USPS Ground, USPS Priority, or UPS Ground.


* Use the COMBINE code for multiple orders AFTER the first flat rate shipping is paid.

* Prior to adding things to your cart, double check you choose the proper selection from the drop down menu! (i.e. sizes, infused/non and scents etc.) Just to be safe, I suggest double checking, possibly even triple checking your cart before actually checking out. This is to be 100% sure every selection is exactly what you chose!

*Under each product will be ingredients, please read them thoroughly prior to placing your order.

* LOCAL PICKUP WILL BE AVAILABLE - please use the code LOCAL at checkout, but ONLY if you are doing local pickup. I am located in Norman, Oklahoma for map searching purposes to see if pickup is an option for you.


Thank you for supporting Cosmic Cleanse! I truly couldn't do this without you!

Sale starts on Saturday, April 13th @ 9 AM PT

9 AM PT |11 AM CT | 12 PM ET